Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Arif's World

The End of 2012

It is 13 Dec now, soon we will face the 2013. There are so many prediction, assumption of what 2012 will over...some do materialized, but some will be as testimonial how prediction could never be relied on to. The biggest blunder is the 2012 will be the doomsday, the end of the world. Such an enormous efforts were carried out by certain people, scientists to predict what has been said by god, Allah, only He will know the exact moment of the doomsday.

Why many people, such as scientists are so keen to explore when the world will be ended? The reason behind it is MONEY. Many people make money by instigating fear, fear of the doomsday. Even many makes money through spreading fears, rumors and these people even go to the extent using scientific measurements or even digging into past civilization to show how the world will end.

As a scientist, I believe it is good to have this kind of prediction, instigating fears to people, beside getting more money it also promote the love to nature, earth and religion. I wonder, how long will the world able to exist with the rate of human destruction increase exponentially and seem the more we created invention, technology the more we destroy the world and its environment. Just another point of view to ponder.