Thursday, March 29, 2007

Let start chaos

Dear reader;

Or perhaps can I call you followers.

Can you see what I see?
My actually been influenced by lots of things, people. Everypart/people will influence Malaysia in his own ways. A policeman, chaotically capture a buglar.....than it will be less crime, Malaysian will be a save place, will be visited by foreingners.

Just because a policeman, done his part, Malaysia become a popular tourisme country.
So....a chaos theory believers, understand, every little bit of information, an ordinary people, let say mamak nasi kandar,....or perhaps an imam,....each one of us should be known by now, that whatever he is.....his existence, inluence...will determine how Malaysia will be. The "orang angkat sampah", "Makcik tukang sapu".....indeed become important to the chaos theory believers. For these believers believe, if a lost of a nail...will of course makes the lost of a horse, a soldier, a war and an empire.

Thus mean, a chaos theory believers small things is all that we need to change Malaysia, My Malaysia Ku. One small thing...that we can do to change Malaysia to becomes an advance country. Imagine....if each of us, sent an email to let say the US ambassy, trying to persuad the US to abandon their love to Israel, The worst killers among the killers, than they will find their computer system will be to busy....too chaotic to be able to process all the information that they receive. It is just matter of doing one small, simple thing. but the difficult part is....can we sent the emails simultaneously???????

We will need one genious person that can persuade the muslim, Malay, act against America and it lovers...Israel.

My contribution to change Malaysia.....a simple writing, hope it has influnce you...readers.

The Chaos Theory

Dear Reader;

I am influenced by Chaos Theory. All that I can see now is.....everything is chaos.
Take for example....the way we think, it is chaos. Sometime we try to think towards a direction...but end-up to think off something else.

Or perhaps, you might stumble to my blog.....for no reason, or just simply chance. But is it truely chaos????????

One think that I understand now about chaos is:

At one stage....there is stability , no chaos....but actually it is just like the tip of an iceberg, the bulky ice under the water level can be considered the amount of chaos needed to create a moment of stability.

Or perhap, the chaos that we encounter is actually a porsion of a much bigger chaos, that we couldn't see of the actual pattern just because it is beyond our ability to see it. Therefore.....I always like to experiment anything.....just to have a look of the chaos it created or to be able to recognise the chaos pattern it created.

If I said I am able to change the future of Malaysia using chaos theory....will somebody believe me??? Will somebody would like to support my view as I will also affect you in a certain way.

Or let say....I'll be the next Malaysia Prime Minister. Will somebody support me. Why you need to support me? Why I will be the chosen one to be entrusted as the Next Malaysian Prime Minister.

My point is.....if you start one thing, we might end-up to something. No matter how chaotically your ideas or will bring you to somewhere. And the pattern created by your starting point is unpredictable, chaos....but still you need to know, the more chaotic ideas that you have, you created, it will create the pattern that added the colour to your personality.

Well, let say somebody believe that I could be the next Malaysian Prime Minister. Now...chaotically, this man need to promote me higher. He will looks for other believers, followers....that will support my idea. Now , I'll need an organisation to push my ideas, I need bussiness man to help sponshor my activities,...etc. Thus, if you look carefully, you started with a dot, with just a simple statement...later it will become more complex.

So.....if I were to be the next Malaysian Prime Minister, I'll need to create many more chaotic ideas. Help me in doing that.