Saturday, November 26, 2011

Going for vacation

27 Nov 2011

I am going to Langkawi with my family, my wive, Qistina and Danial. The vacation was planned by my wive and her family...and I just participate and enjoy the ride. This is the second holiday for me this year, last June we went to Sabah...Mount Kniabalu and this time, we are going to Langkawi.

Why polymer?

Have you wonder, why polymer is created?
if you look everything arround you,...there are polymers, infact you yourselves are considered created cause by all the polymers and molecules in your body that somehow work together perfectly to create a living organisma called "You".

Any comment?

Monday, June 6, 2011

ICONT 2011

At ICONT 2011, International Conference on Nanantechnology, Kota kinablu, Sabah. 6-9 June 2011.
The first presenter of Invited speaker, Prof kim jae hun (need to check this). He talks about Nanotechnology at Korea and how they develop it. He touchs the toxicology of nanmeterials.
The seccond presentes Knopstic (TC), talks about to improve it.