Tuesday, March 27, 2012


What is learning?
Now before we started answering this big question let us do the opposite way.

Let start not to learn anything? Is it possible if we wanted to not learning anything? Well....in this case, I don't know when did I ever not learning anything....while eating...I still learn something, or at least I still trying my best not to make mistake while chewing my food. Well, "trying not to make mistake" is learning, cause we use our previous experience, to make sure that we will not making any mistake while chewing, munching the food. Or Else, we could bite our own tongue...or choking to death. Still we are learning.

Now, look at the term learning again...it involve the ability to recall our previous memories, experiences and even some kind of stored information in our brain. Therefore, the more we try to organise our information, knowledge in our brain...we should be a better, knowledgeable person. We become learned. Therefore, I can make a definite conclusion, that you will only stop learning....at the time you stop breathing.

So let start learning something...cause it let our body and soul, become alive...or else, it is time for you to say bye-bye.

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